Please make sure you’ve set Decipher up in your application before continuing.

Find the alerts page

Go to the Alerts and make sure to login using your work email address.

Slack Alerts

Hit the “Enable Slack Alerts” and authorize Decipher to send alerts to a chosen Slack channel.

That’s it! Decipher will now send alerts to this channel.

Email Alerts

You can turn on email alerts by clicking the toggle.

Email alerts will be sent to all team members.

Alert Rules

You can choose between “New Errors Only” and “Every Error Instance”

New Errors Only: Notifies only on errors that the application hasn’t seen (or alerted on) before. Every Error Istance: Notifies all errors including those that have been seen before.

An error is considered “new” when the codebase_id/error_message/endpoint combination is new.